Data Governance – Trusting your data.governance

As companies move to a set of practices, policies and standards that provide a foundation for deriving value and insight from the data that an organization maintains, the data governance journey often aligns to a shared asset model (e.g., Big Data, Data Lake, etc.).

As a result, data will be leveraged by many constituents within the organization and the big question Mapador is asked to solve is – “how reliable, accurate, predictive and insightful is the data?”   Mapador achieves this through data lineage.

Data lineage helps an executive understand why and how any element of data -that is important to them for regulatory compliance and governance- has be derived.  The data lineage process maps the journey of the data element through an organization from its origination through its consumption points at varying stages along the life cycle. This life cycle process illustrates all of the points along the way when data is accessed, used, reported, changed, or used to derive new data.

Once the data elements are trusted through data lineage, the shared asset model/Data Lake becomes the data source of truth.

Working with the large financial institutions to meet the rigorous regulatory compliance for Basel III/BCBS 239, Dodd-Frank, CCAR, FR Y-14A, etc., Mapador understands how to trust your data and is the first step for data governance.

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