Hindsight is always 20/20. But so is a properly done Impact Analysis.


Mapador Inc. provides comprehensive help for identifying the impact of change in your business, from the smallest programming change through the decommissioning of applications to any business change.


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Today’s complex IT environments demand thorough examination of the effects of any planned modification. Existing realities, however, often make it impossible to up front investigate the full impact of change, whether small or large.


In typical environments, analysts work in silos, analyzing only the area related to their particular skill set or work group. They are also limited by a lack of direct access to all relevant information. Most often than not, impact analysis hits a wall as soon as it would involve crossing the line between two applications, different skill sets, departments or analysis environments.To bridge this wall, the analysis exercise either becomes manual and slow (meetings must be organized, resources must be coordinated between departments, etc.) or impacts are left to be found and corrected during testing phases, or both. Of course these all increase overall project costs significantly.


If an impact slips through the testing process, disaster looms when the application is put into production. As the error produces its unwanted results externally, a new type of cost is added with often large implications for the entire organization.


Time factors may also put increased pressure on executing a proper impact analysis. Lacking correct, current and complete documentation automatically means that any fix applied without the luxury of time for proper investigation inherently carries the possibility of unwanted ripple effects somewhere down the line, perhaps many levels separated. Applying emergency fixes in the middle of the night is a prime example for such possible problems, as changes are being made in real-time, relying on information that may not be up to date or is simply unavailable.


Mapador offers an impact analysis environment that overcomes these shortcomings. At the heart of our solution is Mapador APM, providing a common interface to all, regardless of platform or language. The information is presented in a format relevant to the particular user: programmers and business analysts can analyze their own areas of interest, presented in a format familiar to them, but can also see how any change they plan to make would affect other areas.


On many occasions, a particular project doesn’t even get off the ground as the perceived impact and the effort to find all such impacts are considered enormous. Mapador Target provides the perfect solution for these projects, providing a quick and correct estimate in a very short time-frame and cost-effectively. On many occasions, our technology helped clients to overcome this initial wall that prohibits otherwise extremely important projects to initiate. Delaying projects based on sometimes very rough estimates can prove costly if the project is thus delayed until the very last moment. With Mapador’s technology you can confidently determine ROI, schedule (or delay) projects, knowing that the impact and delivery estimate is correct and complete.

Business Impact AnalysisBusiness analysis examines the informational and functional needs of a business area in the context of the proposed application development or software package implementation. Today’s new initiatives are rarely, if ever, standalone solutions; they must seamlessly fit in with what is already in place. Having a clear and precise understanding of the organization’s application portfolio is a must for every business analyst and is a critical success factor for quality work. Mapador’s technology can make the current ’as-is‘ environment visible to the non-technical analyst in an effective and friendly manner.


Planning and implementing a business change must also be based on a clear understanding of risks and benefits. Without properly assessing these, one cannot arrive at a correct ROI goal and would not be able to confidently define which projects to schedule and when.Based on many years of experience, practical research and a careful selection of relevant industry standards, Project Pre-CheckTM’ helps organizations determine these factors with confidence, as well as ensures that all impacts are properly understood and agreed upon by stakeholders. Clearly defined and communicated goals (benefits) and impacts (avoidable and unavoidable risks, costs, etc.) are the very foundation for successful delivery of change, small or large. Using template-driven guidance, Mapador Inc. helps you ensure your project’s business impacts are approved, analyzed and communicated across your organization.

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