Mapador has been leveraged for the following scenarios when companies are considering M&A:

Pre-Merger Application Insight

Companies now have the ability to do a forensic on the inherited applications prior to the merger.  By understanding the complexity of the application suite leveraging industry standard metrics such as function point count and cyclomatic complexity, Mapador enables the following:

  • Application inventory to enable the understanding of all aspects of the M&A transaction including technical valuation.
  • Create a successful merger plan for the new application suite.

Business and IT functions will not be surprised by what they are inheriting and will be able to create a successful merger plan in terms of people, process and technology.

Once the M&A is completed, Mapador is leveraged for the following:

  • Application consolidation
    • Like applications can now be merged by leveraging Mapador’s knowledge repository and business rules extraction solutions. Over 70% of the analysis can be automated which equates to time saved and increased accuracy.
  • Standardization
    • For applications that will not be consolidated but need to follow the standards of the organization (e.g., all database must adhere to Oracle/ MS SQL standard), Mapador can be leveraged to provided insight on the impact changes in order to adhere to the standards.
  • Modernization
    • See the Modernization section for a complete overview.
  • On-boarding
    • New application owners/workers can now be effectively trained with respect to unfamiliar applications. Mapador has been leveraged by Enterprise Architects, Business Analysts, Developers and QA.  Onboarding a new set of people (full-time employees, contractors, off-shore) can be quickly achieved.

Mapador is a proven solution for M&A and it is classified as a necessity when understanding the basic question of “What pile of “gems”, am I going to inherit!”