Mapador’s products are architected, designed and packaged to provide flexible solutions to our clients, targeting exact needs.

Mapador APM provides an Application Portfolio Management solution to manage and support a complete and diverse portfolio of applications, infrastructure and documentation. Of course, you may choose to include any or all components of your portfolio. Mapador Inc. also provides a comprehensive and proven roadmap to build your APM solution in logical and manageable phases.

Mapador Snapshot is best utilized for one-time understanding of applications or complete portfolios. Clients may choose this solution to generate system documentation, support M&A activities or Application Migration requirements.

Mapador Target takes advantage of the flexible architecture of our technology and intelligently draws from its components to quickly provide a ‘custom product’. Many of our clients have had very specific needs for which they could not find any automated help or purchasing a solution designed for a much larger scope would have been a financial overkill – and thus could not be considered within a specific project’s budget. This is when Mapador Target can be an extremely effective solution. In less time than other vendors may spend on understanding a specific client requirement, Mapador Target can be ready to provide an automated and targeted solution to your specific (and often one-time) needs. Clients have utilized this flexibility to carry out Mass Changes across their application portfolio, conform to regulatory changes and for many other specific, unique purposes.



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