As operation and on-call support personnel in IT shops extensively rely on Run Books, the accuracy of this information is essential to keep application maintenance at its optimum. Run Book information typically specifies what jobs run in what sequence, the components of each job – scheduling, steps, programs invoked, files manipulated, restart instructions, completion and return codes, etc.


The generated Run Book is a document containing detailed information that keeps a mission critical system running.   As such, it becomes a critical part of your Business Continuity Plan and is essential in the proper execution of Disaster Recovery. This is because the Run Book is generated to ensure that a skilled technician might step in and administer any system until such time that normal staffing and conditions can apply.


Mapador automatically gathers all operational information and is evidence of documentation and control over a service or system. On a per application basis, the Run Book documents components, relationships and operational procedures, as well as connects client supplied documents and guidelines. On a larger scale, the Run Book can be a fundamental component of SOA, depicting the combination of systems and their dependencies in keeping a service available.

The generated Run Book can contain a variety of elements, such as:


  • Functional Overview Diagram
  • List of Interfaces
  • System Overview
  • System Overview Diagram(s)
  • Software Development and Release
  • Database Administration Process
  • Quality Assurance
  • Back Up Processes
  • Disaster Recovery Process
  • Security
  • Problem Management
  • Database Configuration
  • Daily cycle
  • Fail-over
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and Error Messages
  • Glossary
  • List of files
  • Test procedure


Manually creating and maintaining Run Books is a tedious and time-consuming manual effort that needs to be repeated with every major production release to ensure that the information stays current. With the Run Book generated via Mapador, this documentation can be created automatically and accurately. Mapador can also automatically augment information extracted from production source with client specified and maintained information, such as on-call phone numbers guidelines and corporate procedures. The generated document can be published in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, HTML or PDF.


Run Books can be generated using an existing Mapador installation or directly from production source.


Please click to see sample coverage.

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