Mapador Inc. brings together its products, expertise and time-tested processes to offer comprehensive, practical solutions in selected strategic areas. While answering specific requirements, our solutions are designed to perfectly correlate with higher level strategies in your business.


The ultimate driving force behind any business is to generate better returns for its shareholders. This can be achieved by either increasing business agility (and hence ensure a healthy growth in revenues) or by reducing costs.


Corporations may undertake several large initiatives to support the above. The introduction of, or better compliance to standards and desired maturity levels, business process improvement, implementing enabling solutions from the constantly evolving information technology field (such as a Service Oriented Architecture, new products), executing mergers and acquisitions or deciding on a strategic outsourcing path are all driven to either increase revenues, reduce costs or both.


Various projects may implement or contribute to these strategies. The introduction of overall Application Management offers continuous and actionable control over the underlying portfolio and is usually the very first step towards lasting success. Application Understanding is a universal theme across many of the implementing projects, as one cannot effectively execute change without first understanding what exists and how the components relate to each other. Improving Application Quality is also a common component of many of these tasks. Establishing and constantly improving an effective Project Management Office and proper Risk Management are all building blocks towards the higher corporate goals.


Mapador’s solutions are designed to directly support these initiatives. Our solutions are grouped under three categories:


  • Application Maintenance: support the maintenance / improvement of applications
  • Application Modernization: aid in the migration of applications to other technologies, languages or platforms
  • Governance: enable overall project success, establish control over the application portfolio, adhere to standards and improve quality.


At Mapador, we believe that only a perfect combination of enabling technology (products), skilled personnel (people) and well-proven methodologies or guidelines (processes) can ensure the successful execution of mission critical initiatives. Projects not delivered on time and budget almost always lack one of these components – or, even more importantly, do not have the right combination of them. Blind automation generally results in sub-standard quality; manual execution produces significant additional costs and resource bottlenecks; and delivering projects without the aid of time-tested processes and control almost always results in failure. Our solutions strive to deliver the right combination that fits your requirements and circumstances, while delivering maximum results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The diagram below depicts Mapador’s overall solutions strategy.


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