Accelerate Growth. Optimize Cost Savings.

With Mapador’s technology together with your client base, we can uncover a world of opportunities in the regulatory compliance & digital transformation age.  It all starts with data mapping & lineage.  What risks can we help your clients mitigate?  What cost savings can we generate for your clients? 

We partner with leading consultants & tech platforms

There are 3 market opportunities that have been relatively untapped or encumbered by inefficient and manual processes.  Not anymore.  We help you participate in these areas by providing automated solutions:

1) Modernization & digital transformation for large enterprise

2) Bank regulatory compliance

3) Big data analytics

Consulting Partners

Our technology & data lineage expertise helps consulting firms serving D-SIBs, G-SIBs and large enterprises reduce the manual cost of data lineage work through our technology licensing program.

Technology Partners

Our technology works best at the production source code & pre-MDM layer allowing Mapador to feed into other technology platforms that operate at higher levels of data analytics.

Build and deliver world-class solutions

Licensing Mapador’s technology allows you to offer services to your clients that were previously inefficient or too complex to perform on your own.

Attractive Margins

Earn higher margins on data lineage & mapping work by significantly reducing manual labor

Product Enablement

Our API’s allow partners to offer value-added services and technology solutions with ease

Go-to-market collaboration

We work closely with channel partners and their clients to ensure a high ROI

Solution Support

Our team provides 2nd & 3rd level technical support to ensure your project runs smoothly

Ready to Partner?

We work with the best to help you optimize performance and value.  If your client is asking the following question, then let’s talk:

“If we replace this system, what will break downstream?”

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