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Whether it's bank regulatory compliance (BCBS239, IFRS, APRA, OCC), legacy database migrations to the cloud, knowledge repositories for new developers or digital transformation, our purpose-built platform produces the industry's most accurate metadata maps for complex, legacy-rich environments
What We Do

We are data lineage archeologists

Whether for regulatory requirements, cloud migrations or digital transformation, big banks and large enterprises have relied on impossibly complicated, error-prone, and often painful processes for generating data lineages. Whether it’s through a static manual data lineage process employing dozens of developers scanning through code, or by attempting to use a one-size-fits-all parser, the results have been subpar at best. 

At Mapador, we see ourselves as data lineage archeologists. We develop a data lineage platform that is incredibly accurate, dynamic, and comprehensive. Whether you need to connect a few systems in modern code or dozens of legacy systems,  we can help. At the end of the day, Mapador finds where the bones are buried in your systems and uncovers invaluable insights that mitigates risk, improves visibility, and saves you money.

Mapador awarded
in Canada 2023 by CIO Review Magazine

Most Promising Compliance Technology Solutions Provider in Canada 2023

Mapador awarded first place in CIO Review’s annual listing of 10 companies in Canada that are at the forefront of providing Compliance Technology solutions and transforming businesses.

"Mapador's journey of data parsing and governance epitomizes excellence and innovation. Its commitment to navigating the complexities of modern data landscapes, while offering tailored solutions and expert guidance, cements its position as a vanguard in parsing technologies." CIO Review, December 2023

Manual data lineage is costly, error prone, and static

It is estimated that manual data lineage costs ~US$4 per metadata item and human errors can cost even more

Bank Regulatory Compliance

BCBS239, GDPR and Solvency II require organizations to understand their data processes across complex legacy systems and constantly changing source code updates can complicate data lineage efforts.

Digital Transformation & Database Migrations

Interconnectivity of systems creates unintended dependencies to other applications. Understanding these complex dependencies is core to successful digital transformation or legacy database migration projects.

Analytics & Golden Sources of Data

Without a good data source, analytics is of limited value. Modern analytics requires a trusted, golden source of data feeding into your MDMS or BI systems. Accurate data lineage ensures a good base for analytics.



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active members of the industry's most respected data management organizations
"Before Mapador, our bank's process for meeting regulatory requirements was to manually create lineage maps across hundreds of Critical Data Elements (CDE's) with a team of 35-45 people. Mapador allowed us to move away from manual data lineage, significantly reducing errors with a 90% reduction in overall costs, all while allowing us to visualize our data flows in a way whiteboards and spreadsheets never could. Mapador solves a real pain point for bank regulatory compliance management through their technology platform & deep expertise in this area."
product owner, data governance & automation
top APAC bank

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