A golden source makes for useful data models

Mapador helps generate data lineage maps, call trees, process flows and system-wide metadata tagging to help organizations better understand their flow of data. This flow is the basis of a trusted, golden source of data used for data analytics, machine learning, and AI.

According to Deloitte, data scientists spend more than 90% of their time locating, cleansing, and reconfiguring data from various sources

This is not only an expensive use of their time, but also has a myriad of problems when the data they are using is not a true golden source.  Mapador’s data lineage work can produce the golden source of data for superior data modelling, ensuring that an organization’s data and analytics models are using the most optimal and best quality data available.

Mapador refreshes stale data dynamically, creating a current, synchronous metadata repository, allowing data scientists to trust that the data they are building their models out of is the true source.  Mapador translates an organization’s metadata into usable business analytic tools.

Powered by Mapador's Automated Application Cartography for Data Lineage

Our Automated Application Cartography uses sophisticated parsing engines to automatically analyze individual programming languages, accompanying scripts and operational components based on their syntax, regardless of implementing technologies. It then outputs all results into a common database and connects the various elements regardless of what technology type they originated from.

Just as a traditional street map helps you navigate from point A to point B, Automated Application Cartography allows you to understand impacts within and across your applications. 

data analytics + lineage

Customized analytics that delivers cost savings

Mapador allows organizations to fully understand their own internal data systems and the connections and relationships throughout them. This allows organizations to trust that the data they are feeding their data models is actually true. In other words, Mapador helps banks uncover their golden source of data. Once established, this data can be fed into various metadata management, business informatics, or customized systems for analytical purposes.

Build Strong Data Models

By leveraging the golden source of data at the source code level, ou can trust that the data your models are built off of is clean.

Customized Exports

We seamlessly feed data lineage into metadata management systems such as Informatica or Collibra, alongside customized solutions

Significant Cost Savings

A golden source can help your organization move inflated data away from unnecessary repositories and legacy systems

Data Auditing

Provides enterprises the ability to audit the value of their data seamlessly & cost-effectively

use case

A Top-Five Canadian Bank

Stakeholders in the bank were looking for ways to save money on data flow and simplify their data tables


Teradata tables analyzed, identified, and "cleaned"


Data moved to cloud data management system

$1.6M Savings

From no longer hosting "dead data" in active repositories

"We benefited from data lineage information for Impact analysis. Having this information reduced work effort when estimating intake items, sped up impact analysis activities at the beginning of the project, and the support teams could quickly find out who to notify and what jobs were impacted. Based on the Table File Lineage that Mapador developed, a conservative estimate is that the TSAs would save 50 to 60% of their time."
sr. project manager, data & analytics
top canadian bank