Worried about digital transformation breaking your systems?

For many enterprises, modernizing their tech stack is essential to remaining competitive. But the lurking question is always, "if I change this system, what will I break?" By mapping data flows and process maps, Mapador allows organizations to update their systems without worrying about downstream breakages to other systems and applications.

Mapador helps large enterprises assess key risks before transforming their tech stacks

Large enterprises and financial institutions face enormous challenges when trying to modernize their infrastructure and applications.  A project that does not adequately scope impact to other systems can result in potentially catastrophic consequences during the implementation phase.

Mapador’s automated data lineage platform allows enterprises to assess the complexity of their independent systems and the impact of changing any of them in a cost effective manner. By finding critical errors early, we help you answer questions at the start of your project so there are no surprises along the way.  

digital transformation

Connecting the new world with the legacy world

It’s a monumental task deploying a new application or enhancement in an environment with hundreds of interconnected systems, tools, interfaces, locations and languages.  However data mapping & lineage is like an insurance policy.  Firstly, you want to know the risks before you go into a large-scale deployment and secondly, you want to develop mitigating strategies to address those risks early in the process.  This is where Mapador thrives.

Complexity Analysis

We provide complexity ratios and scoring mechanisms to understand the greatest areas of interconnectivity and subsequent investment

Impact Analysis

We explain what data is impacted or acted upon by each system within an organization's ecosystem

Training & Onboarding

We generate documentation dynamically of an organization's data flow so that project teams have all the tools at their disposal to proceed confidently

Assessment Tools

We provide heat maps, interlinking data flows, code volume and more to allow project teams to begin their modernization work

use case

A Top American Bank

Goal: Harvest 200-million metadata elements within the bank’s enterprise data warehouse for the purpose of impact analysis for onshore and offshore teams

80% Cost Savings

Compared to previous manual impact analysis

60% Faster Results

Delivered faster results to Client while reducing management tasks

Avoided Breakages

Sounded the alarm on potential costly breakages that were avoided as a result of the analysis

“We benefit from data lineage information for Impact analysis. Having this information reduces work effort when estimating intake items, speeds up impact analysis activities at the beginning of a project, and the support teams can quickly find out who to notify and what jobs are impacted. Based on the Table File Lineage that Mapador has developed, a conservative estimate is that the TSAs would save 50 to 60% of their time.”
top AMERICAN bank