Migrating your legacy database to the Cloud?

Leveraging the EDM Council's CDMC Framework, Mapador generates metadata lineage maps that comply with cataloging & classifying data (Sec 2.0) as well as data provenance & technical architecture (Sec 6.0) to prepare for Cloud migration.

CDMC is a comprehensive assessment and certification framework encompassing business, operations, and technology best practices for cloud data management.

Mapador’s data lineage experts help organizations mitigate the risks of migrating legacy databases to cloud platforms.  We reduce the costs associated with expensive storage by identifying redundant & obsolete data.

Mapador helps you understand your data flows in 3 ways:


Metadata tagging (data fields, files, tables, databases) and export into data catalog or MDM system


Uncovering the interconnectivity of data flows between applications, programs, schemas, files and tables


Generating granular field-column data lineage for regulatory, privacy, and security compliance as well as data provenance on the Cloud

cloud migration from legacy databases

Mapador produces the most accurate metadata lineage maps

When you’re migrating legacy databases to the Cloud, you’re dealing with decades worth of historical data, processes, and applications built and maintained by generations of software developers.  The reality is migrating databases to the Cloud can be very risky.  With Mapador, enterprises can prepare a migration plan that reduces the project’s risk profile.  In addition, Mapador can help reduce data storage costs by identifying data that is no longer required to be migrated to the Cloud.

Data Flow Analysis

Our high quality and accurate data maps allow enterprises to "drill down" from data source-to-target in seconds, often showing 15-20 "hops" in the process. We often discover anomalies & hidden processes that allow developers to investigate & correct before a migration.

Legacy Databases & Data Lakes

Mapador can help prepare for multiple legacy databases to cloud platforms and data lakes.

Training & Onboarding

We generate documentation dynamically of an organization's data flow so that project teams have all the tools at their disposal to proceed confidently

use case

A Top APAC Bank

Goal: Stakeholders in the bank wanted to build a lineage for a major data Oracle fed by multiple legacy systems and were paying for expensive manual lineage work with mediocre accuracy and no ability automatically update when new code was written.

90% Cost Savings

Compared to previous manual data flow analysis

13M Parsed Items

Delivered faster results to Client while reducing management tasks

95.3% Accuracy

More than 3x more accurate than manual & traditional methods of data lineage mapping