We help clients build and implement their data governance plans

We work with clients to choose and implement the right tech stack to ensure they have a strong governance solution​

For enterprises, Mapador works through a three-pronged approach:​

  1. We assess your current governance plan to understand struggles and opportunities
  2. We develop a governance framework with best practices to deal with your challenges
  3. We implement the required technology to execute a thorough data governance plan

Once we've developed a best-practices governance framework together, we implement processes & technology based on best of breed solutions

data governance consultation

Good governance is the result of getting five key areas right​

Once we have developed a best-practices governance framework together, we implement processes & technology.  Tools should be:

  • Automatable
  • Refreshable
  • Easy to implement
  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effective

The industry has moved to a suite of best-in-class solutions away from a single technology

Cataloging & Classification

Fields, columns, tables and metadata

Accessibility & Usage

Build a data-informed culture where data leads to better decisions and action

Protection & Privacy

Tracking critical data elements (CDE) and personally identifiable information (PII)

Data Lifecycle

Sequence of stages that a data goes through from source to target

Data & Technical Architecture

How data is managed--from collection through to transformation, distribution, and consumption

use case

Top North American Bank

Stakeholders in the bank needed help with end-to-end lineage for governance across a complex system that DataStage, Oracle SQL, JCL, Cobol, Zeke, mLoadfload, Teradata, amongst others. 


Mapador helped structure the cataloguing and classification for 600k data columns and fed the results into the Collibra metadata management system.

“We benefit from data lineage information for Impact analysis. Having this information reduces work effort when estimating intake items, speeds up impact analysis activities at the beginning of a project, and the support teams can quickly find out who to notify and what jobs are impacted. Based on the Table File Lineage that Mapador has developed, a conservative estimate is that the TSAs would save 50 to 60% of their time.”
top canadian bank