Struggling to onboard, train & retain developers onto a complex code base?

Mapador's Knowledge Repository is a live documentation tool for complex systems.​ Instead of flying blind, our Knowledge Repository allows new and existing developers to understand their complex systems at the code level, ensuring that developers can quickly get answers to what’s going on in their systems.

Mapador delivers essential live documentation tools for rapid training and understanding of complex systems​

By parsing your code, we generate call trees, inheritance hierarchies, data access rules, CRUD, and everything else required to:

  1. Onboard & Train:  Help new & existing hires hit the ground running, even on legacy code
  2. Understand:  Allow developers to understand the nuance of very complex systems
  3. Analyze Impact:  Developers can check for impact of code updates before committing

Software developers can assess the impact of making code changes on other applications using the System Interconnections tool within the Knowledge Repository.  Downstream visibility reduces errors and “backing out” code once it’s deployed that was previously caused by lack of visibility.

Understand how your code is accessing data through a visualized data access tree, allowing you to trace how data flows through your code base. Likewise, a call tree allows developers to quickly understand their function calls. Alongside a CRUD, hierarchy inheritance, and general connection view, these features help document how your code works, making training and onboarding new developers faster and easier while reducing errors

The System Dependencies tool helps software development teams better understand the connections between different applications within their environment using heat maps.

knowledge repository

Ramp project teams faster & easier than ever before

Let’s face it, software developers are moving around more frequently so there are risks in ramping up new project teams, whether you had to bring in new team members from inside and/or outside the organization.  Creating a knowledge repository that is regularly updated with code changes allows your team to mitigate the risks early on in a project and significantly reduce project overruns caused by faulty assumptions, errors or time for developers to understand the code flows of the organization. 

Legacy Code Specialization

Mapador’s parsing technology specializes in legacy code bases, such as Cobol, Java, C#, amongst others, to help clients rebuild internal knowledge of their systems.​

Impact Analysis

We explain what data is impacted or acted upon by each system within an organization's ecosystem

Training & Onboarding

We generate documentation dynamically of an organization's data flow so that project teams have all the tools at their disposal to proceed confidently

Dynamically Updated Repository

Due to the nature of live code, Mapador's system can be updated dynamically so that the knowledge repository is always be up to date. ​

use case

Leading N.A Insurance Company

With hundreds of developers, new projects, and new hires, the insurance company wanted to provide their teams with effective tools to onboard faster & easier with fewer errors.

75% Cost Overruns

Delivered project with significantly less cost overruns

30% Faster Results

Developers completed tasks faster due to better code access

Impact Change Savings

Reduced costs by 30% as a result of code impact analysis