We Map Data Lineage for Regulatory Compliance

From BCBS239 to IFRS, worldwide banking standards require banks to understand the flow of their critical data elements bank-wide. With the proliferation & diversity of bank systems and applications over the last 40 years, this has created a very complex environment for understanding data flow. Mapador helps you trace your critical data elements for regulatory compliance across both modern and legacy systems.

Mapador parses, emulates, and generates maps of data flows at a granular level

We map data flows across a wide spectrum of applications, programming languages and data repositories all the way down to the table-field and column-field levels. 

Our proprietary  technology and data lineage experts have saved banks millions of dollars in expensive manual data lineage efforts while providing highly accurate & dynamically updated metadata lineage.

Powered by Mapador's Automated Application Cartography for Data Lineage

Our Automated Application Cartography uses sophisticated parsing engines to automatically analyze individual programming languages, accompanying scripts and operational components based on their syntax, regardless of implementing technologies. It then outputs all results into a common database and connects the various elements regardless of what technology type they originated from.

Just as a traditional street map helps you navigate from point A to point B, Automated Application Cartography allows you to understand impacts within and across your applications. 

bank regulatory compliance

Say goodbye to manual data lineage

Mapador replaces the expensive & laborious process of manual data lineage capture by creating a dynamic system that can automate it. This allows for organizations to move away from the expense, inefficiencies and human errors found in manual data lineage while maintaining regulatory approvals. 

Up to 90% Labor Savings

Mapador's technology automates most of the mapping & lineage work

>95% Accuracy

Mapador's technology is over 95% accurate, significantly higher than other parsers and manual data lineage

Dynamic Metadata Lineage

No more static lineage - update your code base without having to rebuild your data lineage from the ground up

User Friendly Business Interface

Generates live documentation & allows banks to better assess internal risks while generating powerful data analytics

use case

Top APAC Bank

Stakeholders in the bank needed end-to-end lineage for annual attestations alongside full technical lineage for verification and proof of accuracy for the auditors, with outputs connected to their MDMS. 

11M Metadata Items

Our systems produced highly accurate data lineage results and uncovered errors that were proactively resolved by the bank

Automatic Updates

Our system automatically updated data lineage on a monthly basis for annual regulatory attestations

Business Layer

Enhanced a complex lineage into easily readable and consistent business terms

"Before Mapador, our bank's process for meeting regulatory requirements was to manually create lineage maps across hundreds of Critical Data Elements (CDE's) with a team of 35-45 people. Mapador allowed us to move away from manual data lineage, significantly reducing errors with a 90% reduction in overall costs, all while allowing us to visualize our data flows in a way whiteboards and spreadsheets never could. Mapador solves a real pain point for bank regulatory compliance management through their technology platform & deep expertise in this area."
product owner, data governance & automation
top APAC bank